Wednesday, 2 September 2009

A mackerel sky

This is cheating a bit. You see, on Sunday I spotted Sunday Postcard art's challenge of fish. So, the old cogs got going and I saw in my mind a Cornish beach postcard with some typical Cornish fish. Then I just didn't get around to painting. Today, Inspiration Avenue invited me to re-visit my summer - which to me meant Cornish beaches and delicious food.
I also had the most incredible urge to paint today. So, a couple of mackerel swam from their acrylic tube hideaways onto the page bursting with Omega 3 and other nutrients! Then they swam onto the beach and were not happy fishes. They looked... well they looked like a fish out of water! Until, staring at the cloud-scudded sky finally the penny dropped. A mackerel sky looked back at me and a mackeral sky it became.

Summer & fish. What an intriguing combination! Just goes to show that inspiration can arrive and slap you round the face like a wet fish when you least expect it!

Feeling strange now. Think it must be these tablets I'm on.... Perhaps I should lie down....


  1. Oh this is great! Love your fishy summer and thanks so much for joining in our weekly challenge!
    Oh, and I added the link to the post on IA, html is always such a challenge. ;-)

  2. this is cool!! love the shadowy mackerel in the background ...

  3. lol Love the bit about inspiration "slap you around like a wet fish". I love the colorful fish and thank you for contributing to our weekly challenge. I will be sure to link back to you on Sunday.

  4. You never know where inspiration will lead!!! So creative!

  5. Thank you for visiting and leaving a kind comment on my blog! I enjoyed looking at your beautiful work here!

  6. I love that literal translation! And mackerel skies are some of my personal faves. They're just so unusual. I always notice them.

  7. Oh this is great ! love your fish!!!

  8. What a fabulous interpretation. I knew right away those were the cliffs of Cornwall. Visiting via IA.


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