Friday, 11 September 2009


I sat on the train yesterday with the sun-drenched countryside whizzing past me as inspiration and wrote. Thoughts unravelled themselves randomly across the page and from part of this outpouring somehow appeared a list of things to do. The first half was a dull list for sure involving dreaded paperwork, finances and filing; but necessary chores that needed doing and couldn’t be put off any longer. The second half naturally leant me in more of a creative direction, reminding myself of various juicy websites I should soak myself in and new techniques to have a dabble with.

When the sun had set and with the small boy safely tucked up in bed, I bravely turned the notebook pages once again to reveal my bĂȘte noir of unpleasant tasks. I quivered in my slippers and felt myself drifting towards ‘sticky corner’ (aka what was once my dining room table but now resembles a very messy artist’s studio!).

However, something deep inside me, that secret longing to walk around my lounge without tripping over something, pushed me into action.

Readers, I tackled that list. I ticked things off. I worked through it. I did it! And do you know what? It sure felt great! A great feeling of calm and serenity descended upon me. I felt virtuous, organised, in control. And when I had finished, then I allowed myself time to create and have fun. And do you know what? I’ve made another list for this evening, for there are still things to trip over. It starts with clearing out my hallway to allow for more easy access and egress from my abode. It moves onto rediscovering my dining room table (albeit only temporarily). What tremendous fun… but it ends with splashing a bit of paint about and posting this blog – I confess I am writing this while at work – though it is still lunchtime (in some parts of the world!).

My mind is so full of ideas at the moment that it feels overflowing – they’re dripping down my hair and falling into my ears (no wonder I caught an ear infection!). I need some semblance of control, flying by the seat of my pants is no longer enough. Perhaps I am just getting old and the reflexes that allowed juggling a whole canteen of cutlery (carving knives included) just aren’t so sharp any more (unlike the knives).

I think I will surgically apply a small notebook to my personage so I can jot down ideas in one place rather than scattered wherever they fall as they are at present. At least writing this blog allows for a spot of focus. Maybe in the future someone will invent a memory chip that supplements brain power and helps you remember things. How cool would that be?

Well, the evening is spent and I am ready for my beddy. I was a good girl. I tidied, I cleaned and cleared then relaxed. I'm a bit too tired to think now, but might as well post this or it will be out of date and an opportunity missed. And I did spend my (ahem) lunchbreak writing it!

Postscript: Saturday morning. Well, I was too tired to even think about illustration for this blog; yet it was the first thing I thought of this morning (after a blissful 9 hours sleep)! I'm in a bit of a rush, but once inspiration strikes... We have a quick journal page on the theme of lists! Well, we will once the paint dries enough to go in the scanner...


  1. Oh, you are one of those people who have more hours in their day than I do. Perhaps I dawdle too much over some things, but it is useful and inspiring to de-clutter, isn't it? I have been considering the Goddess De-Cluttering class starting on September 28. There is only so much you can control when other people's clutter won't be dealt with. There is nothing quite like that feeling of clearing out, though.

  2. I like very much what you paint dahlink, but what you write is always a panacea (google it!) ;o)
    Loved your reply (Judy) and have responded in like fashion, dearest...
    Take heart - I used to be in your shoes and then we moved and I have 'proper space' to get messy in, but still too little. Ah well, there's always the next move!
    Oh and I have several idea books of various sizes, where I write ideas. The trick is remembering where I left the books... *rolls eyes*

  3. It must be nice to have an actual place to work. Since my nephew moved in with me and took over my art space I have my supplies scattered about the house and work wherever I can find an empty spot (and spare time).

  4. I so enjoyed this post. I too am a person who needs to do the "have to do things" prior to the "want to do things". The creative process is so much easier and more enjoyable when I get the mundane things out of the way. I love your beautiful "list" collage here- wonderful journalling!

  5. I love trains, there is something that makes one to feel in the mood for inspiration and future projects.
    carry a notebook with you and write down EVERYTHING!!!
    hugs on a perfect Sunday!

  6. Oh that memory thing, I use to have one, and it was as sharp as the church bells on a clear Sunday morning.
    But lately it is dull as if the bells have bathed in fog.

    There was a time that I didn’t need a list but of late the list has become my lifeline.
    So to make things a wee bit more fun I have a second list of dreams and fun
    things to do …… With the busy life style that we all have these days, that list is gratifying to tick off and helps balance that tedious list.
    Although I must admit, the tedious list gets ticked off much faster …sometimes it all comes down to time.

    Good Job on getting organized.



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