Sunday, 4 October 2009

First kiss

My first sight of my new love happened, as is typical, when I least expected it. I mean you could could go fruitlessly searching for romance at a dating site, but end up meeting the man of your dreams over the apples in Tesco; that's the vagaries of fate for you.

So, there I was skimming the pages of an underwear catalogue (for women of a larger bust, not that you need to know that, but hey, I'm proud of my assets). I never thought I'd fall in lust whilst browing knickers and bras but BANG - there it happened.

Of course, underwear catalogues only help you buy well, underwear... all other embellishments are merely for 'decoration', there to assist the sale. Regrettably, there's no helpful shopper's guide for anything else that takes your fancy on the page. And so, with regret, I accepted that it was highly unlikely we'd ever get to meet, let alone become intimately acquainted. Until today...

Heart-fluttering moments were far from my thoughts when I set out on my errand. A quick trip into town, check out the art expo, then home and cook lunch. Simple. Wrong.

I don't know what called me into that shop in particular, perhaps it was the enticing scent of expensive leather. In fact, I'd been in there a while and was heading back towards the door when that moment of recognition clanged like a cymbol, awakening my memory and assailing my senses.

The object of my lust was there... before my eyes... just standing there. I'm sorry, but I couldn't help myself. I'm ashamed to say I just grabbed, held, stroked, sniffed and yes, held tantalising close to my face and... kissed.

Those boots might be the most expensive pieces of footwear I've ever owned but they are sooooo lovely..... Well, they will be when they arrive in the shop - didn't have my size in brown, but the black size 39 fitted perfectly. Just a week to wait before we become attached... I see myself living in them all winter. I may even take them to bed... If you want to see a picture, see page 46 of the Autumn Bravissimo catalogue and let the green-eyed monster take you...

My Sunday Scribble - a fun, weekly writing challenge. Theme this week: First kiss. Yeah, I know that it's cheating - who kisses boots eh? And they don't kiss back, but really... you should see these boots...


  1. I like creative tangents on a theme, and totally enjoyed this! I can think of a few items that I feel strongly enough drawn to that I should like to kiss them, and then I also kiss my cats, much to my husband's chagrin. :-) A fun read, and hope you love those boots!

  2. Nice little story and enjoy your usual whimsical touch. Well Done! :)


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