Sunday, 11 October 2009

Shimmer me timbers

Quite the most ridiculous attempt at wit, but hey what more did you expect?

This shimmering pond belongs in the Inspiration Avenue weekly challenge - 'Shimmer'. Bit of collage, bit of tissue paper, bit of acrylic, a couple of koi carp and a lazy weekend afternoon...

It was one of those annoying artworks that never quite gets right, so you add a bit more tissue, dab a bit of paint, try using a palette knife... You get it just right, then foolishly add just a little bit extra and whumph, wrong again.

Spent the weekend at boyfriend's house. Arrived Friday night laden with art supplies, wine, pizza. Picked up my new boots yesterday... (photo and post to follow later in the week!!). Aren't weekends lovely?


  1. gorgeous piece my fren!!! another monet!! and all in my favourite colors :)))

  2. Oh this is fabulous Lisa!! Honestly if it was in your shop (soon to be appearing, right!? *winks*) I'd snatch it up!! Just love the colors and texture, the darling koi swimming around at my feet as I dangle my toes off the white dock... why I can almost feel that afternoon breeze blowing by - GORGEOUS!!

    Oh, and I made sure your entry made it in to the group posting, never any worries about that. ;-)

  3. Oh and the title?... FABULOUS!!!

  4. I like this..and I love the title...fits perfectly!! :)

  5. What a stunning painting. Those greens, and the way the dock appears to float in the water . . . just lovely. And thank you for the kind comments on my site. And I am very excited for next week's challenge.

  6. Love the combination of art supplies, wine and pizza. As of the shimmering pond artwork - can't find anything wrong with it. :)

  7. Lovely work Lisa! It is very soft and shimmery, I can almost feel the sun on my face and the water lapping at my toes!


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