Monday, 5 October 2009

Where have my degrees gone?

October sneaked in last week like a mean bully, pushing our balmy September into memory and stealing those lovely degrees of extra warmth she had caressed us with all month.

This morning my son trotted off to school in his new winter coat (by afternoon, the hood had mysteriously 'fallen' off). Tonight I huddled over radiators gurgling back into life after their summer hibernation and noticed more leaves changing into their golden outfits ready for a quickstep in the wind.

This year I seem to have noticed Autumn far more than ever before. I am in touch with her senses - hearing the crackle of leaves, pop of seeds, sniffing the sweet decay and dancing with her thoughtfully provided partners in the piles of leaves gathered so carefully by the chill wind.

Perhaps it is my new-found creativity that awakened me to the season's beauty - or maybe we just forget, taken in by each season, captivated by the moment.

My son has been given an Autumn project for homework. He produced pockets full of crushed and crumpled leaves for his 'collection'. We went hunting for conkers and acorns and talked colour.

In my project I experimented with a spot of art journaling - my own homework from my Art Journaling Supernova class.

PS: Excuse the dancing superlatives - been watching Strictly...


  1. Feelings under the floor boards for sure.

    Noticing Autumn, a sign of age I say.
    The floor boards have to come up, they say.
    I'm not ready, I say.

    xox, Lisa

    Thank you for your sweetness on my blog...Kiss

  2. It's amazing how the seasons seem to pass so quickly these days. If only we could slow time down... just a bit. Your newest creation is beautiful and captures the essence of the colors this time of year so perfectly!♥

  3. your creation is just beautiful! love the colors and different materials you used on there. autumn is my fav season tho i have only had the opportunity to see it 3 times. time moves a lot quicker as we get older ... so let's not wait or think... let's just do what we want to do right now!

  4. I confess I have your degrees. At last I can feel the warmth of the sun on my back. The kids don't want to wear socks anymore, the heater is no longer required. I promise to enjoy them while they are here. I am loving the expectation of long summer days to bask in.


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