Friday, 23 October 2009

Give me joy in my heart

Well, this week my entry to the Joy Diet group consists more of me talking about Joy rather than progress with the book. After last week I have decided to s l o w the pace a little and really get to grips with some of the earlier techniques. I just found I couldn't keep up with it all. I've gone back to truth and am having scary chats with my feelings - mostly about work and career... It's hard work, but it's medicine I guess and not supposed to taste nice. [short break from typing while I dig out some Bon Jovi...]

Not wishing to miss out on all the action though, I thought it would nice nice to share some other aspects of Joy with you, my fellow joy dieters. Maybe you need a little light relief from taking Risks with your chapter this week. I shall be there with you reading and learning how you got on.

Firstly, my son told me yesterday that blueberries 'bring joy to his heart'. Naturally, Mummy ran to the supermarket at lunchtime today to buy him a punnet. What a soft touch she is. Thank goodness they are a superfood!

Secondly, I would like to make an amendment to Tuesday's post when I discussed my aversion to admin and desire to employ a personal assistant called Annabel to cope with my correspondence. Well, readers, I have changed my mind if that's OK. Actually, what I think every woman needs is a Gok!

Those of you residing in my green and pleasant land will of course know exactly what a Gok is, and frankly, I'd be surprised if any woman disagreed with my crazy idea. A Gok brings you great joy. A Gok is a make-over from the inside out. A Gok can make any woman feel fabulous. He takes women who are ashamed of the way they look and shows them their beauty. He doesn't use plastic surgeons or designer clothes. OK, sure they get a makeover at the end and their hair done, but that's not the transformation. Gok shows women how to look good naked and how to wear the right clothes. He gives them Confidence with a capital C. He puts a woman in a skirt that lives in trousers. He shows middle-aged ladies that actually they do have a luscious curvy figure underneath all those baggy clothes. He is a national treasure and we love him.

Take a look on YouTube...
I've written about Gok before...
And if you want more Gok fix...

Thanks to Jamie for her suggestion of the sub-group. Sounds like a plan to me. I should be back on form next week - just don't know where the week has gone. I don't seem to have achieved anything in the past few days.

PS: After reading many of this week's postings on Jamie's site, I realised that without reading the chapter I've been thinking alongside many of you already! I've just reminded myself that my wishcasting post of Wednesday was exactly about taking risks. Saying yes to more risky endeavours, stepping out of our comfort zones. Yes, it can be really good for us. Why do we become more fearful as we grow older - why doesn't experience remind us that risk-taking can be a learning and satisfying exercise?


  1. Thanks for your comment.
    Yes, you always get free tissues or other things in German pharmacies, it's quite a habit.
    Enjoy the blueberries!

  2. Sounds like you are taking a great risk. I'll have to looking into what the Gok experience is -- it sounds transformative. I think it is so important to take the diet in stride. Good for you for pacing your self so it works for you!

  3. The name Annabel reminded me of Thomas, the tank engine. I was going to take Clarabel. ;)
    I don´t know if I could cope with a Gok experience.

  4. I'm still back at the picture of the blueberries, which I love. YUM!

  5. Yummy, What a treat. I will take a look at the video. It sound interesting. May you have a blast with all this fun.
    Have a wonderful week.
    I am only reading posts and not posting on this book any more.

  6. great post. I am going to check out that GOK!

  7. This GOK idea is very fun. I think this is taking a great and fun risk. It would be great to have someone like that who could see you for you. Maybe I need one too. Thanks for the fun post today. Just loved it.

  8. I think it's wonderful that you've connected with us even though you feel the need to slow down... to me, that speaks of bravery and of a willingness to risk sharing your most authentic self... so in my eyes, you're right there with us! :)

  9. Lisa, I love Gok, love watching him...and this is "risk" with a capital "R"...but he is all about truth and we all need to believe in that truth about ourselves.

    You are a fabulous mom to get your son the joy to his heart in those blueberries!!! ♥

  10. I also think it is great that you are continuing to connect with the group even though you are slowing down the process a little. Thank you so much for sharing your journey.

  11. I have taken alot of risks over these last few months in hopes to discovere a real love and joy...I have found, I feel there is a chance to lose them, and I am TERRIFIED. (tears) I am trying not to hold too tightly...

  12. Thanks for the post. When I first saw the blueberries, I thought that they were Pebbles. LOL Quick glance and they did look like that.
    Great post.

  13. Hmmm...note to self...find out what Gok is. Our children can make us fly to the moon to keep them happy as they bring so much joy to our hearts.
    Have a lovely weekend,

  14. Thanks for sharing your journey with "The Joy Diet" this week, and you're right it does seem like you were with us this week with the risk. I am going to slow down a little and maybe go over the chapters again when the group ends. I find the GOK very interesting, I will have to check out your links. I think blueberries bring joy right along with chocolate.

  15. Blueberries bring joy to my heart, too. The ones you have picture are to die for!!!

  16. Yes, take your own pace and know that indeed, progress is being made. Thanks for the lovely post and thanks for visiting.

  17. Go girlfriend! I'm just off to buy myself a 24 piece fully interchangeable, mix and match, capsule wardrobe and enbrance my changing shape instead of being down by it!

  18. Gok, what fun! Here's to risks motivated purely by desire and joy-making-having!!

  19. so great, so funny - I did not know about GOK, but just thinking about blueberries reeled me back in to the very core of simple pleasure and desire fulfilled.

  20. AH! Blueberries bring joy to my heart!! Who wouldn't rush out & buy a barrelful for the one who said such a thing!!

    Speaking one's truth is a risk. And these are big questions we're asking ourselves. Slowing down to answer them mindfully is good (and, um, risky). Thank you for continuing to connect with us as you follow the pace that's true to you.

  21. lisa, I got such a kick out of watching the videos of Gok - will have to look for him. What a joy he is - and what a gift he has for giving people confidence in themselves, regardless of their deviation from high fashion bodies!

    love your going out and getting the blueberries. and appreciate your tailoring the work on this book to your own pace and needs. we're with you!


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