Tuesday, 20 October 2009

An unusual allergy

I think I have developed some kind of psychological aversion to paperwork. When I walk past my doormat and see piles of envelopes lying in wait for me, I shrink back in a bizarre mixture of fear and anxiety. As I move stealthily around my house, I see mounds of the stuff lurking and smirking from every surface. I never used to be like this, I used to be a PA. I was super-efficient, ten steps ahead (mind you, I always hated filing). Now I avoid post. I step over it. I place to one side. I put off. I prevaricate. Online banking fills me with dread and I feel queasy. Changing my power supplier has been a real headache of paperwork.

"You'll have to get around to sorting us out eventually", this growing pile sneers scornfully at me with alarming regularity.

I know, I know... I need to be more organised. I could come up with a string of excuses - top of which would be time... there are, after all, only so many hours in the day! When it comes down to it, I just need a spot of focus, a routine. Thing is, I'm not a routine sort of gal. I prefer to act on impulse, be ready to drop everything for a paintbrush when the muse strikes. I do not have a secretarial muse so she never makes an appearance which is rather a shame. I think we could be a good team and she would tidy up after me most efficiently. Her name would be Annabel. She would be from good stock and wear a smart suit. She would smile understandingly at my eccentricities, content to be the rock that supports the wobbling creature atop it.

Alas Annabel does not yet exist in my dimension. I must instead somehow find will and energy myself to blitz the piles this week, to climb on top and stamp it all down so it becomes manageable.

Instead of writing about it, photographing it and pondering how it might become art... JFDI girl, JFDI... Right, I'm off to get organised... Watch this space...


  1. Oh, I am exactly the same, I am queen of planning anything, but actually doing anything about it, not a chance! Best of luck!

  2. omg!! i'm exactly the same... only my envelopes are hidden safely in the mailbox at the lowest level of the condo that i live in, so i don't really have to look at them if i didn't want to!! which is really bad, cos sometimes i refuse to check my mailbox for a month!! UGH!! unless i'm expecting something from etsy ... i dun think tho it's the paperwork i'm afraid of ... i think it's the piling bills that i'm trying to escape from ... not a very good trait! blatant escapism .... *sigh* ... i wish i could just clear off all my creditcard bills so that i dun have to be nervous wreck each time i look at the wretched pile of envelopes!!

  3. I used to have a shop. It became quite an UNUSUAL shop in the end as it didn't sell ANYthing!LoL. I had so much paperwork-ALL colours that I'd colour pile the mounds !I left retail-& ran away to France and drank wine. Anyway now I quiver like a jelly in a tunnel if I have to face anything more than a notebook or a couple o tea-stained papers!
    Annabell would be a royal pain. She'd drive you to nutsville and people like that well ,are they HAPPY? Nah I don't think so -that's what I tell myself anyway.

  4. Love your post and your sense of humor ... I'm sure the "organized" being is still there somewhere inside you ... :)

    Thank you for the kind comments. I'm going through such a major creative life change that I'm totally off balance. And I'm starting to wonder if I'm fit for NaNo. But then I don't have to decide now. We still got a bit of time!

  5. i work in a office, paper everwhere here ;-)
    by the way, i need your address.
    a package should be mailed to you ;-)

  6. I too need to get organized at home. It is funny reading your post today as I was just looking through so many piles this morning and thinking how I need to get organized. When I take the time to do it, I feel great. I'm sure you'll feel good to getting through all of it. Maybe you can make it fun by getting a funky new organizer.


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