Thursday, 8 October 2009

Five words

Some like to channel surf, some get wet in the waves. Me, I love a bit of blog surfing. Every so often you catch a big one that thrills you all the way to shore. One day I hopped on Carmen’s blog wave. Sea stories are rather appropriate because (and I must whisper this because it’s a bit magical), she is actually a mermaid. Yes, a real one. She has also perfected the art of transforming herself into human form and pottering about on the Californian coastline (but, it seems, never too far away from the sea, she has to swim occasionally). We are glad of this because it means she can blog without electrocuting herself – computers and sea water … never a good mix.

Without the wonder of blogs we would miss so many networking opportunities. So, I sit here often in the English rain networking and reading the adventurous words of my mermaid chica spreading her bliss far across the oceans.

Words in bold are a bit of fun – Carmen challenged me to write something including these five words. And so... I have!

If you’d like a five word challenge, please leave a request in the comments!

The picture is not Carmen, it is her mermaid friend Sandy. I made her on a Cornish beach back in the balmy English summertime... It seems so long ago now...

1 comment:

  1. okay....
    you just made me all...
    okay yes, all teary!
    it was lovely what you just said!!!
    you are so so so wow! speechless i am!
    thank you for everything!
    if you come to California one day please know that you have a friend and a cottage by the sea to stop for tea or coffee and to have fun with a mermaid
    Big Soul hugs to a mermaid from a mermaid
    Thank you again! and again!!!


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