Tuesday, 30 March 2010

The beaded lady

Gosh I just love making things. Here I present my first necklace, handmade by yours truly. The colourful beads are the result of my sticky paper rolling and the metal 'inbetweeners' I carved with my teeth. Only one of those statements is true. I'll leave you guess which...

It's really pretty and I'm so proud of it. I scanned it which is why it's a bit blurry. I guess you're not supposed to stick jewellery in a scanner (but don't panic, it's not one of those 'feed through a miniscule gap types!).

I'm such a magpie when it comes to jewels, yet my treasures don't need carats or even turnips or potatoes. They just need to sparkle or look pretty. Their job is to make me smile and enhance and reflect Lisa. These, better still, are made by me, a product of my hands, concentration, imagination and creativity.

Getting creative, seeing words flow onto a screen or paper or watching a picture form from splishes and sploshes of paint makes me feel so alive. If I'm too tired to 'do', I think instead. I dream and plan and I learn. Learning is the fuel that is feeding my spiritual and creative growth . The more I write and paint, the more I learn and the more I have to give because I feel so much more stronger from the wonderfully juicy creative sustenance. An abundance of vitamins - A for art; B for boldness; C for creativity and E for energy.

I've never been terribly comfortable admitting emotions out loud, yet suddenly as I sit here in my kitchen at 10 o'clock at night, it seems so right to be throwing these words at the screen and sharing them with whoever happens past.

Perhaps the wine is talking (though only whispering since I'm only just starting on my second small glass). Maybe it's the Muse getting over-excited because some new art supplies plopped through the letterbox today. It could even be the ego which was given something of a boost more than once today. Whatever... today I believe in ME. I am not afraid to say it. I have faith in myself and that can't be a bad thing.


  1. I love this post! Beautifully expressed, and what a lovely necklace. I agree, I don't need diamonds or jewels, as long as it's sparkly and pretty, I treasure it. It is really refreshing to hear you say with such confidence, "Today I believe in ME!" We all need to say that more often to ourselves, wine or not ;-)And it doesn't really matter, does it, how we express our creativity, just so long as we do it regularly.


  2. Well sparkly Lisa, I believe in you too! Thanks for your kind words. I must see that TED talk - they are favourites of mine, those. It ain't easy to change years of what the education system does to kids so that's why I'm so wary of putting them in there. Mind you, if the end result is a necklace like yours many years later - I shall definitely feel better about doing so.
    My art teacher told me when I started portraits (in my high school class) that my 1st grade teacher had told me to colour between the lines too much. I have always kept that in mind for my kids ...
    Seriously LOVE that necklace

  3. so happy to hear that you finally found a way to believe in yourself dear one, as we have always believed in you! listen, the next time you're going to have a glass of wine do you mind calling me over for one too???

  4. Wine or no Wine I'm glad your sharing your feelings,its nice to be honest about your feelings without worrying what other people think. I think thats why I blog,I'm kinda of a shy person when it comes to my art so I get to show it to the world without the worrying if people will like it or not. Oh and I love your necklace.

  5. Whoot then drink a bit more wine hon and here is to being brave and Letting Fly! I love your boldness and the necklace is just stunning!! I so want to make those beads..wonderful hon!!!
    Here is a great big hug to the bold beautiful you!! Hugs, Sarah

  6. Having faith in yourself is definitely a good thing! Your necklace is gorgeous! I have a cup full of paper bead I made, but I haven't done anything with them... Maybe you've inspired me...

  7. Is your name Lisa too? Thank you for leaving a nice comment on my blog about MMM eggs. I think a Grackle laid the eggs, but they were abandoned. They came from several nests. I took pictures of the eggs and a few days later, all the eggs disappeared out of the nest, probably a weasel or raccoon ate them like jelly beans. So no babies.

    I love your necklace. I made a truckload of those paper beads for a swap once and haven't rolled one since. Except for a few Tyvek ones last week. I may have to take it up again...

  8. I could feel your energy radiating to Aussieland. :) You go girl! Love the necklace and you're such a talented crafter. I can see soon your ETSY shop will be full of your hand made jewelery for sell. Well Done!

  9. you rock!! love your post... and you are right: this kind of jewelry is by far the best and most precious to me, too!
    your necklace turned out fantastic! (may i see your teeth;))

  10. LOVE your necklace (it's the best kind) and LOVE your post--I love the way you 'put' things--will you write my blog too?

  11. I like what you have to say...i would say we are on the same journey of discovery...how cool are we!!! You shall be a new inspiration for me in this wonderful place where woman are "doers" and not just talkers...Raise that wine glass to us..Cheers! Cynthia Wolff

  12. we all believe in you my sweet fren! look what you've achieved in such a short time! and yes!! those beads are beautiful ... they are art made with love and passion ... just as you are made ... you are a piece of art yourself my fren :) dun ever forget that!

  13. Honey...first of all, thanks for coming by....

    secondly the beads are great! love it!

    and third, your writing is divine...it's honest, candid....inspiring, and nothing short of fun to read! glad you wrote it! all of it!

    so dear wine whisperer, come by and read my post today, it's about a writing piece I did last summer!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  14. Loved this post!! and loved your necklace! I look forward to seeing more of your new creations :0)

  15. gorgeous necklace - gorgeous words!


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