Friday, 19 March 2010

Look in my book bag...

"Look in my book bag Mumma" says a small boy. "I've got something to show you".

I pull out the monthly newsletter. "No, that's not it".

I find some new books to read. "Nope, they aren't it".

I find a leaflet about the football academy. Still not it....

Then I pull out this...

Am I the proudest Mumma in the world? You can see this artwork in a previous post. Another Friday Happy without a doubt. Big Smiles.


  1. well - wey hey! artistic and creative talent obviously runs in the family! ;)

    So glad you're on board with the experimental art journey!


  2. Isn't it great that you can share a love of art with your son. The special award is the cherry on top! Happy weekend!

  3. ~how wonderful...definitely a proud moment for the both of you...maybe calls for a bit of celebration...brightest blessings~

  4. yes, sharing art and creativity with our kids is the most precious thing ever! well done! and congrat's the MAN!

    ciao bella

  5. So very lovely. Fantastic work there by your boy. Enjoy every moment.

  6. awe. that is so darling!
    thanks for stopping by, your comment about jamie oliver was much appreciated...long fight to get people here in the states passionate about REAL food!

  7. this is definitely a HAPPY moment! yay! happy weekend to you! ciao!

  8. That is sooo cool! Frame it!!!

  9. YaY!!!!! Tell him congats.Alittle celebrating time!

  10. Congratulations to William. I know he must be so excited. Definitely a happy moment for both of you. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

  11. Hail from Aussieland, William the Great! Fantastic! Well Done! xxoo :D

  12. Oh, precious, precious, precious!!!! Congratulations, William!

  13. What a wonderful painting he has done! I love his choices of colors and arrangement; how wonderful that he has you to help him learn to see - and that you have him to remind you to look, too.

  14. ohhh i so cant wait for these moments, we talked about this yesterday, i loved assignments at school and was i going to be able to back away from my daughters school work enough to let her do it! awww man, come on Indi please let mummy help!...I can see it now

    congratulations proud mother, what a gift
    William Wright, Artist Extraordinaire!

    PS as you can see im doing a catch up hehe
    so much to see so little time, how do people follow a hundred blogs I dont know!!??


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