Saturday, 6 March 2010

That'll teach 'em

It would be nice to have the time to have a word or two with my son's school about the timing of their communications to parents. Take this week for example. On Tuesday evening I discover that a fancy dress costume will be required on Thursday for World Book Day. Children are encouraged to become their favourite book character for the day. Now, how can a competitive Mum who works possibly have time to create a 'fox in socks' (on Knox on box with a noodle eating poodle and a tweetle beetle paddle battle in puddle in a bottle) in two evenings?

Add to this the problem of trying to dissuade my son from going as Ben 10 or a power ranger. Explaining the difference between a TV character made into a book and vice versa is no easy task. Eventually we settled on 'revenge on the teachers for suggesting this at the last minute'. Behold... the Old Saucepan Man from the Faraway Tree stories. What a delightful noise he made as he clanged and clanked his way into the classroom! And, as if he wasn't happy enough with this original and tuneful costume, the icing on the cake was discovering that his future bride, the girl he loves 'with all his heart', went as Silky the Fairy - another character from the same books.

Lots of brownie points for Mum this week, though I'm dreading the next parent's evening...


  1. Oh man, does this bring back the memories--let met tell you, they weren't my favorite!!

  2. ~i wish my mama would have been ever so bold as you...thats a riot...wishing you and yours a wonderul weekend...did your boyfriend drop by for a visit yet to see the new PINK room!?! way to embrace color...and fill your world with a little more l♥ve...brightest blessings~

  3. delightful! at least you could blame the timing of communications on the teacher - with me it was always the boys. I dread conversations that start with "oh, by the way Mom....."..... :)

  4. hahaha that is too funny!

  5. LOL!!! OMG!!! i can imagine your little old saucepan man !!! ahhh... such hassle but such joy!!

    today my little one went for her first ballet class :) i'm so proud :)

  6. Sounds like it all worked out perfectly...kudos to you for not giving up on the whole idea of the costume. I'm happy to see that some schools are still promoting reading!

  7. Ohh but its fate for his love to come from the same book, if you had more time this would never have happened! how sweet it worked out in the end, did you get photos to show at their wedding?? hehe my daughter is betrothed already too, damn crazy parents! and clickety clanky pot man, it sounds like a book im going to have to read!


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