Monday, 22 March 2010

Forty Love... or Love Forty?

Well, the day is finally arriving. I'm writing this in the closing hours of my 30s with the big day looming large on the horizon. Is it a fearsome monster that growls and roars in a bad temper as age runs away from it or a mischievous pixie intend on causing more mayhem. I guess it's what you make of it. Shall I grab the latter and be a bit naughty? What do you think?

I certainly don't feel 40 and the last year or so has been a true period of rebirth. So perhaps it's true what they say about life beginning at this grand age. Am I perhaps entering my prime? Well, let's be positive and shout from the rooftops "OH YES!" I am ME. I am LISA. I know who I am and I'm proud of it.

Mother, Friend, Lover, Artist, Entrepreneur, Adventurer, Dreamer, Writer, Creative, Expressive, Communicator.

Let my next 40 years be a welcome product of my first 40. Finally all those lessons make sense perhaps?

Let's not get too philosophical. Perhaps I should just concentrate on the celebrating. It began today at the rather magnificent location you see pictured above. A gourmet meal and a bit of sophistication. I wore my new dress and carried my peacock handbag. My son was invited 'back stage' to meet le Chef (even though he didn't eat all his greens, unlike his mother who would have eaten the plate pattern had there been one!). Spring had arrived and the sound of pheasants croaking and sheep bleating provided the perfect countryside soundtrack to the landscape of snowdrops and oh-so-nearly flowering daffodils. The feeling of rebirth abounds in every way - especially when you look at my heavily pregnant sister... any week now....

Happy 40th Birthday Lisa. Life begins...


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LISA!! Revel in it, wear it like a favourite pair of sexy shoes, forties are the best!! The anxiety leading up to the number was the worst but after you get past that part - this is the time of your life! Cheers!

  2. Yes, you are just beginning. The best is yet to come! Happy birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday and know you are not the only one who is about to close life on the 30's!!

    :) Happy Sunday. Hugs

  4. ~brightest birthday wishes to you...may this new year be a start to a whole new journey that has just begun...may memories of only goodness be made, moments to forever savor and only may l♥ve fill your heart always...happy birthday lisa~

  5. Happy Birthday, remember life really does begin at 40 the best is yet to come....

  6. Happy Birthday!!! Sounds like a wonderful day!!!

  7. awww... happy birthday my sweet friend!!! being 40 is GOOD!!!

  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Beautifully written post. You are quite a writer. Hope we see a book published while you are in your 40's.

  9. Happy Birthday, Lisa--you're just a young one. Hope you enjoyed your day-it sounded like a great one!

  10. Happy Birthday, Lisa!! I turned 40 three years ago and then had no idea that I would be an artist at 43! I'm sure you have lots of wonderful things coming your way... Hugs, Silke

  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LISA, age makes no difference on the inside, it just gives you a little more clout, who can argue with all that experience. As newly 60 I feel my life is opening up like a new book - and you've already said it about yourself - there are so many sides to your coin to keep you youthful. Have fun!

  12. Happy Birthday ! I love the idea of just focusing on celebrating - we should all be doing that every day, don't you think ?
    Enjoy the celebrations !

  13. Dear Lisa,

    Happy Birthday to you. May all your wishes come true. Have a wonderful day.

  14. your list sounds like mine! Anyhow, we all know life begins at 40 ;)

    And you have the experimental art course to look forward to in the first stages of this new era! :)


  15. Yippy, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the fantastic Lisa! May good health, love, joy and fortune be the four pillars to support your wonderful life. And many, many happy returns. :)

  16. Happy Birthday, pretty girl...
    You always manage to make me laugh-
    'would have eaten the plate pattern' LOL...
    I've felt the same way before, but never clever enough to put it that way!
    Cheers to you! And Hugs

  17. Oh my dear Lisa, the happiest number change over day to you xxx
    sounds like you had a nice dinner, maybe I was there also tucked into the velvet puffs of your handbag : ) Ohh I wish!
    and I remeber meeting chefs when I was young, so funny, maybe I will get Munchy into that, she is so the next gordon ramsey, working on perfecting that temper in the kitchen...and everywhere else. so scarey to feel I have raised myself aaaarrggh no!
    hope you had the best b day, is there a party in tow? my mans b day today, your in with a great clump of people!!
    Im enjoying being here for your prime!

  18. Happy birthday, Lisa. It sounds like you had a wonderful celebration. You are so lucky to know who you are and what you want to do. I know that the next 40 will be just as exciting, if not more, than the first forty.


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