Thursday, 25 March 2010

Staying Young

It's working... My Staying Young campaign... This morning when I woke I discovered I had a huge spot on my chin. Ah yes, a touch of acne is certainly enough to bring back some reminders of my youth. I think that this weekend, I shall be a real rebel and attempt to stay up past midnight!


  1. LOL...Good luck on the midnight deal, I just can't make it..hehehe..

  2. LOL! I never had pimples til I was menepausal.
    I like your bookmark by the way...pretty :)

  3. ~welcome to my world! so does that mean i too will remain far as bringing our your rebelous side and staying up best wishes...did it last night and now feel as if i was hit my a semi truck...brightest blessings~

  4. Too funny,I get more acne now in my fortys then I did when I was a teenager. What is that about! And as far as the midnight thing,I do that all the time due to my insominia!!! I should get up and do some art but I'm afraid I'll never fall asleep!

  5. LOL!!! YAY!!!!!!!! for acnes!!!!

  6. oh yay for pimples! certainly lets you know where you lay on the vanity scale, i prefer to stay home for a few days when in a pimple zone haha!

    sheree xxx

  7. i heard a rumor that for each time you stay up past midnight, you lose a day! just think.... you could be 20 again if you wanted. personally i am at the best time of my life at almost 50 but if you decide to test it.... please let me know!!!!

  8. you go girl....

    you pop it girl!!!!!

    you rock!

    ciao bella

  9. LOL you are too funny. Have fun in your late night wanderings...

  10. did you make midnight (did a fairy godmother come and magic away your pimple then???)


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