Sunday, 14 March 2010

Mothers' Day

I spent several hours labouring over a card for my Mum the other evening. I'd watched a Suzi Blu lesson and got stuck in with my mixed media to create a Goddess. I liked the result and proudly took it to my boyfriend's to show him before presenting to my Mum... I left it at his house, along with the rest of my overnight bag and contents - including hairdryer, something I had forgotten about until dripping after the shower this morning. Sometimes I wonder if I lost some memory cells somewhere along the way. I must have had to climb over the bag to get out of the door. What is wrong with me?

Anyway, luckily for Mum I had scanned it in for 'posterity' and so she gets her very own blog post instead (and the real card a few days late - sorry!).

Happy Mother's Day Mum - love you and thank you for EVERYTHING!

While we are the subject. I am of course a Mother myself. I am also a smug Mumma too laden as I am with goodies all weekend. I got chocolates from my boyfriend's daughter - which I also left at his house. DON'T EAT THEM MR...

Yesterday we took a trip to the shops where I was required to wait patiently on a bench while boyfriend and children went a-buying. A notebook to treasure from Paperchase and a pretty pink bracelet from my son. Thank you!

Then this morning, it was breakfast in bed made by my son. I was a little nervous when he ran downstairs with that intention in mind and he was gone a LONG time. I could hear him chatting away to himself while creating a culinary masterpiece. Finally I was presented with a bowl of Shreddies - bless his little cotton socks. He wants to cook lunch too. Fish fingers, chips and peas... Trouble is I am already cooking lunch for my Mum - something a little more exotic. Perhaps he can cook me dinner tomorrow.
So Mums of the World. Whether it is Mother's Day in your country today or not. Have a wonderful day and enjoy lots of love and hugs.


  1. Oh what a wonderful card--and I don't see that many Mother's Day cards that look like that! How weird that you Mother's day is now (well, it's not weird--it's just that ours is in May)

  2. Awww, your little guy is so sweet.

    Your card is gorgeous. Happy Mothers Day to you and your Mum!

    (I love writing "Mum"! In the U.S. most people say "Mom", but the funny thing is in the Pittsburgh area quite a few people call their mothers "Mum".)

  3. "A mother is she who can take the place of all others but
    whose place no one else can take."
    Cardinal Mermillod

    ~sounds like your weekend has been plum full of L♥♥♥VE...just as it should be...don't you just adore the sweetness from little ones...wishing you a beautiful day filled with great J♥Y...Happy Mothers Day...

    gorgeous this a reflection of you at one time!?! much l♥ve and light and brightest blessings always~

  4. I love your mothers day card,and I'm sure your mom will love it.That was so cute about your son. I hope you have a beautiful day. Happy mothers day.

  5. Happy Mother's Day to you! Ours is in May and always full of surprises!

  6. Love your Mother's Day piece. I stopped for a moment and had to think about this..... I was hoping I didn't miss Mother's Day!! lol
    I'm from Canada and we also say mum!!
    I hope your mum has a great day!!

  7. Sounds to me like you were queen for a day times 2!

  8. Happy Mother's day to you, that card is fabulous; I think it's my new favorite of your faces- her expression is just wonderful!

  9. I love the card you made for your Mother! Happy Mother's Day to both of you.

  10. Sweet!!!!

    and you, by the way are also 2 funny! the Eifel Tower? !!!! are you serious! lol

    my next ambition was to crochet a bird's that grab ya!


  11. Awww how cute is your son!!! What a lovely unique card I love her blue hair! beautiful colours in this one!!!

    Mothers day is May where I am too!

  12. Love your Mother's Day Card. Your portrait work is improving greatly. Well Done! Love the blue, so vibrant and full of energy. You little boy is just wonderful! :)

  13. Happy Mother's Day! So sweet of your son to want to cook for you. And how lovely to have three generations celebrating Mums!

  14. Awesome! I love that card - it's so special!! What a lovely day you had... but you are so forgetful! Reminds me of someone...Oh, that would be me!!
    On a different note, I agree that elephant activity in Guatemala is suspicious. I have the Chelsea lads investigating!

  15. What a gorgeous card. Your painting is wonderful. I love it.

  16. Oh wow this is realy facinating.
    Wonderful painting. Love them.

  17. Fantastic painting! Very beautiful.

  18. Lovely painting, your Mum will treasure it!

  19. What a beautiful card to represent both the goddess and her 'mother' aspect- stunning and vibrant work!

  20. What a wonderful tribute to your mum and all mothers around the world!! love your piece and I really enjoyed reading the story to go with it :) Mother's day in Norway is in feburary, I thought that it was a global set date, and now I'm learning it's different all over :)



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