Sunday, 28 March 2010

Soothing comfort... Sunday sketching...

I've been like a brittle, coiled spring all day. Wound up beyond my normal calm exterior, tetchy, short-tempered. Remember the pimple on the chin on Thursday? Well, let's just put two and two together, throw in a bloated belly and a few aches here and there and we all know my problem!

I told my boyfriend (who for his own safety is now in his own home) that I might try sketching tonight as a calming mechanism. I was also keen to join in with the Sunday Sketching gang hosted by Sophia; a perfect prompt for a bit of art. My Muse was sulking so I enlisted Suzi Blu to inspire and watched the first of my new online videos for the 3/4 face portrait. Well, it's as if she knew, bless her little cotton socks. She sketched and chatted and extolled the soothing virtues of sketching... She loves how it calms her down before bedtime.... Oh yes, me too! I think I shall have fun practising for this class.

I do actually feel much better. I may go to bed now while I retain this mood of serenity and hope for gentle dreams.



  1. very amused face, and I agree something about drawing or just letting your hand guide a pen or pencil across paper and just like that, some tension is released, at least it works some of the time

  2. love the portrait! I do hope you are feeling better after a good night's sleep, you poor thing.

  3. Expressing yourself helps calm your nerves almost every time - glad it worked for you! Love the colors and expression of this portrait - cool!

    Hope you're feeling better...I'll follow you like I do all the other Sunday Sketchers - have a great week - Susan

  4. I feel that sketching does help relieve tension and stress, as it allows one to release that into the piece they are creating. I keep encouraging my bf to do the same thing! :)

    Love your portrait. Thank you for participating. :)

  5. Love the hair and eyes on this one. I hope you are feeling better today...Things can look brighter after an artistic stretch, can't they?


  6. art soothes the soul...glad you could find something to make you feel better. This is a lovely portrait!

  7. Oh I just found all of you Sunday sketchers..what fun! I just love your sketch! I am having the same should see my chin LOL!! Geesh!
    Have some chocolate on me hon!!

  8. So glad your great sketch calmed you down! She's lovely and I really like the red/pink tone to the image.

  9. Well at least your boyfriend has his own house,my husband usually runs to the garage! I love to sketch too,it does relax me,Suzi's class looks like fun,I'm waiting until I have alittle extra money to sign up. Now is not a good time with the easter bunny coming! Kids first usually! Your sketch is beautiful! Hope you have a good week!

  10. Great sketch I hope it made you feel better, drawing really helps keep me sane when the kids are driving me crazy!!! Love the red in this one :0)

  11. I love the sketch..... the hair and the eyes are very cool!
    Hope you're feeling better!!

  12. love this sweet, serene face! I'm all for anything that keeps us mellow! ;)

    Happy SS!

  13. Lisa, I don't know what color your hair is...but I think I should get on a plane and dye it red...chianti red, maybe.
    Ilove your blog sistah-friend...your writing and the way you can express your feelings is...
    well, talent, I think they call it!
    Hugs :D
    And I had fun at the meeting yesterday. I can't wait for further instruction from you :)

  14. I like your red-haired beauty. She looks very knowing, like she has everything all figured out. Making art does have a calming effect, doesn't it?

    I'm thinking of taking one of Suzi Blu's classes. I really like her art and her quirky personality!

  15. Theres nothing like creating to lift your mood! Its a lovely sketch, the red and green look great together :-)


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