Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Hungary Hitchhikers

No, that's not a typo in the title... Read on and all will be revealed about my (ever so brief) participation in some student adventures. It's all part of my 'Stay Young' campaign. Well, actually I just made that bit up, having read it not one hour ago in The Rules of Life, but it fits in very nicely with what I want to write and goes with my week's theme of coming to terms with being 40!

I was rather rebellious today and picked up some hitchhikers - three of them to be precise. I found them at Leicester Forest service station on the M1. They were all wearing matching T-shirts proclaiming their charity hitch across Europe to Budapest - starting this morning in Sheffield. I like to practice the odd random act of kindness so couldn't resist giving them a lift. I've never picked up hitchers before (it's hard not to think of Axe murderers in the same sentence), but these did seem a safe bet (especially as I'd already spotted several more of them when I'd arrived).

I was their fourth chauffeur of the day. They planned on reaching Dover by 7pm and sleeping tonight in France. Ah, the sense of adventure. During the 40 minutes or so they were my passengers I regaled them with stories of my student years. Yes, back then we had to manage without home comforts like the internet, email and mobile phones. In my hall of residence we had one phone for over 120 students that didn't take incoming calls. Still, let's not dwell on that (I'm on this 'Stay Young' mission remember).

Since I got home, I've been able to follow their journey's progression. They gave me their Uni website which details current whereabouts of all the teams. They did warn me it was addictive and I find I have to keep checking... just to make sure they're safe.... or does a secret part of me want to be on a cross-channel ferry with them right now with the sea blowing salty breezes up my nostrils as an appetiser to the Gallic dinner that awaits?

Best of luck Olivia, Lucy and Michael. Hope you raise loads of money and have a fabulous time.

PS - I just found a bee in my kitchen (a very sleepy one). Does this mean that Spring might actually be here at last?


  1. The richness that is youth!!! I think we should get a group of 40 something women together and take our own little jaunt across Europe... I'm in!


  2. Sometimes when we follow our instincts, we find there are lessons to be learned and new friends and adventures to be made. Sounds like you are starting off your 40's in fine spirit!

  3. sounds intriguing! I would follow to find out too. And as for staying young, I am definitely up for PLAYING for as long as we can ;)

    I think spring is here . . . . .


  4. Bravo to your act of random kindness. Good on you! For staying young, try this --- never act your age. It's not about lying or trying to hide something, it's about not letting "age" to become a fixed image of yourself. Make sense!? ;)

  5. so sweet of you to be so kind!!! My friend and I picked up a few hitchhikers when we were younger....

    and how sweet to find a bee!!! what a wonderful sign of Spring!!!

  6. Well done for you random act of kindness - must say in my student days hitch-hiking was an exceptable form of transport and did it all the time.
    And interacting "wiv yoof" is definitely a good way of keeping in touch with your fun side.

  7. oh wow!!! now that's something different! there is a certain romance in hitch hiking (do not think of the horror stories!!) ... just romantic movies where the hitchhiker finally gets hitched ;) that's very sweet of you ... i bet you really enjoyed that 40 minutes. i'm sure i would have ... it's like reliving uni days where you do all sorts of weird things without worrying about frowns *sod them* :p and when everyone thinks they are invincible and the world is good. good ole days!!

  8. i feel we have the best time line of all the generations, old square photos, phones with no buttons just a crank handle where you talked to an operator, an appliance was a toaster or electric fry pan, if someone wasent home you had no idea where they were an you didnt even seem to care!, we had 2 tv channels and it shut down at 10pm and turned to static, seat belt?? whats a seatbelt, I cannot believe we didnt have car seats and someone just held the baby or lay it in the back seat!!!
    So your 120 kids and one phone story sounds like a nightmare for todays generation.
    They have no idea!

    We love hitchhikers and usually they stay a while, i have to be honest and say that i only take couples or girls, something about single males is not my thing.
    have fun keeping young,

    and by the way I got the stamps, thankyou so much! and it seems to me its only fair that i try to resend them back to you on another parcel!! Im gonna put together a box of things from my side of the world, so im going to go shopping for everyday items i love and newspapers! and kiwi crap. oh joy!!

    sheree xxx

  9. Times have changed, haven't they? We went from BEING hitchhikers (in the 70s HA, I'm well past 40) to never DREAMING of picking up a hitchhiker (too many horror stories), to warning our kids not to pick up hitchhikers, and finally to practicing good deeds by picking up students hitchhiking for charity!

    Still, I feel for the parents of those kids, I would worry 24/7 about them! May they only run into strangers like Lisa!

  10. Lol...I am not growing older either. I told my husband I am just getting wiser. He said, Oh wise one", blah blah

  11. Those poor hikers had there ears bent for 40 minutes scarred for life :)


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